15th Annual Colorado Scramble 2017


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Hello everyone hope all are well.

The 15th Annual Colorado Scramble will be on the 26th, 27th & 28th of July and will be out of Grant/Bailey Colorado. We've never gone here before primarily because lodging is not in abundance. None-the-less we are going to give it a go and see how we like it. I have run a few of the trails in the area before and its very pretty and can give you a little pucker factor in places.

There is a Motel called the Grant Motel, that number for the Grant Motel is (303) 816-0542 and the owner is a fellow named Don, he seems to be a nice guy and I have assured him that we are as well :shrug: :eek:
We will be staying at the Grant Motel, its very small with only 5 rooms but pretty nice and clean and sits right on the river. As of Monday evening he had the whole week open but will probably go fast.

As always the trails will be run (for the CS) wed-fri But we will be there that Monday-Saturday. And I would bet there may be others there doing other trail in the area earlier also.

The other Hotel is actually closer to Bailey and is called the Bailey Lodge and is at http://baileylodge.com/ so you can check it out and the number is (303) 838-2450.

Also there is Lynwood Park - a bit pricey for me but looks amazingly cool... http://www.lynwoodparkbailey.com/ and the number is (303) 838-4243

Lynwood Park is the farthest from the trail heads at 13 miles but closer to what seems like better eating options. There may be other lodging options in Grant but I have not found them.

OK SO for the stuff all really want to know - The Trails

Red Cone
Webster Pass
Radical Hill
Swan River
S.O.B. Hill
Georgia Pass
Twin Cone

Twin Cone is one we ran when we were in Fairplay and is a good fun trail. Some, or most, will be run in conjunction with the other.

So that is it... Cant wait to see everyone and have a great time!!!

AHHHH yes I knew I forgot something... MEETING place and time - We are going to meet/stage each morning in Grant diagonally across from the Grant Motel in a roadside pull of at 8AM. This should give everyone time to eat and get there. A couple of the days will be LONG so please be there then so we can meet and head out. Thank you :thumbsup:
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Dan asked me to post some additional lodging details I discovered for Grant, Colorado.

We (Adams Family) have reserved a cabin from Al Gross.

During my phone conversations with Al he told me he runs a campground, BBQ pit, towing service & excavation service. Jack of all trades!

Al's campground has primitive camping, full RV hookups and also has (3) RV campers for rent.

Email: abctowing80448@gmail.com

Liz: (303) 912-0523

Al Cell: (303) 912-9068

PO Box 47
Grant, CO 80448

At the bottom of Guanella and Kenosha Passes
Just off Highway 285

Al's website link:

Grey Fox

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As usual I'm a maybe who's never made it to this event. I've booked one of the rooms in Grant. Looking forward to it as well!!


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Crap when my wife booked our trip to Scotland I knew there was something I was going to be missing out on , maybe next year.