1968 CJ-6


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didn't have enough projects, so I decided to give myself another one to keep me busy. So this one was bought out of Indiana on a road trip that covered 2200 miles and 30 hours of driving. No, I did stop for a nap of about 4 hours. Ohio has a lot of troopers on the highways. Hows a guy suppose to make time with a Trooper at every mile marker. Left thursday morning, got back at around 1700 on Friday. Its originally out of California, but was a project (like so many) that the PO ran out of time, money and patience with. No rust on this thing at all. even the hat channels have paint on them still. But the T14 is lunch. The TC leaks a little and 373 gears. So here is the plan, run tis one until the 66 Tux is done and maybe keep or sell, but in the mean time, its getting a RC 2 1/2 inch lift kit, electronic dizzy, new headers, cuz these over the fender ones are toast and I just happen to have a ceramic coated set on the shelf. I ordered a Waldons complete system but they told me after I bought it, thats 6-8 weeks away. Damn it. I have a new set of 33/1050-15 KM3's and I'm bringing a set or white spokers to get blasted today. I also have a set of flanged 44 rears and 30 fronts with disc. But that is not going to happen this year, maybe next. I know 373 gears and 33 inch tires are not optimal, but I only want to drive this on dirt roads and asphault for this year. I have gears for the 30 and 44 from 427 to 488's, so I'll build a set of axles over the winter, in be tween the 66 build down times. Dauntless runs pretty good and it already has an 11 inch brake update. Stops on a dime. Seats are already out and I'm debating on taking out that roll cage/shower curtain thingy.