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1983 CJ8 Restoration Begins

I just purchased this 1983 Scrambler and plan to restore it. I was told that it hasn't ran in about 15 years. The frame and the sheet metal are rust free and straight. I expect this thread will take a couple of years to complete as I don't seem to get anything done fast. I plan to keep it cosmetically original. I plan to strip all of the emissions and clutter under the hood and dash. I have already started pulling off the non stock items. Before I got too far along in the tear down process I wanted to get some pictures down loaded to document the rebuild. Along the way any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Thats a beautiful base to start with. Mine was a complete mess and in hindsight I should have waited to find a better platform. I look forward to seeing your progress.
It's Black and I plan to restore it right back to this color scheme and sticker configuration. For the winter I'll be pre buying the parts I know I'll need, and I will try to get the motor, trans, and transfer rebuilt. I know threads get boring without photos so I'll take as many as I can as I move along on this project.
Need to get the motor out so I stripped off the front clip this weekend. Received a stock front bumper today. I pulled the aluminum rockers off and put them in a safe spot. They are dent/scratch free. I plan to get the motor out this week and hopefully to the shop. A rust free vehicle is the way to go. I didn't strip, break, or round off any of the bolts during the tear down so far.



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I am very perplexed as to why someone would paint only the one firewall/cowl section blue... it is seriously messing with my symmetry.