2019 and 17th Annual Colorado Scramble - July 24th, 25th and 26th


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We are going to go to Buena Vista, CO again this year. This area always seems to be a favorite for all and has very different variations in scenery and trails. Trails will be Chainman’s Gulch, Grizzly Lake & Iron Chest, just to name a few.

Just google Lodging there to find what suits you the best, there are many options.

While this is absolutely not going to be the end of the Colorado Scramble the annual part will be broken. As long as I do this there really isn't a way that I can wheel some of the other places that I want to so while not ending it is going to be on Hiatus for a while. Just so many other places I want to see and do - I want to do Big Bear and the Rubicon as well as lots of Arizona stuff, some close and some almost to Vegas. Southern Cali also. Have even been looking at South Dakota as I lived in Rapid as a kid. As well as other events!

I hope as many that can make it do, maybe some of you guys that have been talking about it for a long while! After a year or two we'll pick it back up and march on 8-)


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The Adams family are only going to make Friday as we had already made plans to do All4Fun the following week.