258 freeze plug leaking - how do you change it out?


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Noticed a very small leak on the left front side of the engine. I looks like it is coming from the middle of the forward most freeze plug.

Is this a job a novice mechanic can do?

How do you pull it out and install a new one?

Does NAPA or other automotive parts houses carry them?

Thanks in advance.


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Easy replacement if you can get to it.

Drain radiator and get ready for a flush, this is just general maintence and is a good thing to do.

Get a drift pin or some sort of spike and hammer on one side of the disk to push it into the block. Do not do both side you want one side to come in and one to pop out.

Use a screw driver or pry bar to get under the lip and pry the whole plug to the outside. It should pop free of the block.

Usual reason for these failing is that you still have the factory steel type plug and it has started to rust around edge. The new one should be brass.

Get the proper diameter plug for the hole from almost any parts store, Fairly inexpensive. Also get a socket that will fit inside the rim of the plug and provide a nice sturdy base to hammer the new plug into the hole.

Before hammering in take a little silicone gasket make and coat the contact edge to help in sealing.

Basically start the plug into the hole with cup side facing you just as the ones there are and put largest socket that will fit into the center and gently hammer into the block. Just be sure not to overdrive it in to the block, so go slowly and do not get carried away. Once you have done one you will get a feel for it.

Or if the leak is not too bad put some Bars Stop leak into the radiator and drive. Should stop leak soon. Just know that rust will continue and leak will reappear, but maybe by that time you will need to pull engine to do a rebuild anyway.

But as long as you can get to the plug easily it is a good project for a novice to start on an engine.