86 cj-8


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I saw a 86 cj-8 yesterday. Looked to be in fair condition, the owner said that it had been kept at their hunting camp since 91. He was sure that it was an 86...I asked a couple of times. I was told that it was not for sale right now, but...maybe later? Of course, I gave him my name and #, and told him to call me If he wanted to sell it or trade it for my 84, which is in much better condition than his...or swap..hehehe. Anyway, I wanted to see what ya'll thought the 86 was worth. As far as I could tell, looked like a 4 speed, no a.c., no tach, no clock, strange hard doors with half hard top. Looked to be average, maybe below average condition. It was hard to tell, only talked to the guy for about 5 min. in a parking lot.....Just thought some of you would be interested in hearing about an 86 out there somewhere.....first one I've ever seen since owning scramblers. (this is my third)