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99 TJ to Cj 8 wiring???


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So I have a Scrambler that I was planning on putting the "best" Jeep offered into it. I started with a 2001 TJ only to find out the coil pack motors don't run without the gauge panel and so on.... I am getting a distributor, harness and so on from a 98 so the coil pack thing is gone, but I still can't find any diagram for TJ to CJ only XJ, ZJ...
Please help
I have done 350 swaps, LS swaps but this one is giving me a headache

Here is what I am using
4.0 w/full stock harness from under the hood 98 TJ, w/ECM. In tank fuel pump from a TJ, installed in the CJ
Ax 15 to Dana 300
Stuff I have 2001 full Tj w/bad frame
3 scrambler's (lots of rust on most of them except for the one I'm using)


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I don't know of any "diagrams" but all you need to do is use any of the things you can find and identify the wire functions that people are connecting, then locate those on your setup. I'd have an FSM for the TJ to start, that's what I did with my XJ 4.0 swap. Then I found the functions the motor needed and tracked down those wires. I actually made a copy of every one of the connector pinout/wire color diagrams and went through and marked up what I did/did not need and what could be reused for other purposes since you end up with a lot of unused fused circuits with relay inputs/outputs.

I have a swap thread on here where I posted a lot of the wiring stuff for my swap.

Are you using the PDM from the TJ? As I recall, there's any of the grounds, switched start/run power to the ASD relay, battery + to the PDM and you're going manual so there's no brake stuff that I needed for the AW4. Whatever you need to make gauges work, of course, but that won't keep the engine from running.

@gr8dain went through this a lot more recently than me, though he did it with an aftermarket harness, he may remember better. It's been a decade for me.


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Like BW stated...
a FSM will be a big help, not only for the wiring diagrams but explanations of how the components function and interact with each other.
Also, you would have a great resource for troubleshooting the new powerplant and controls.

Here is a great resource for FSM's, parts lists, etc.



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As @bigwalton stated, I went the route of getting a custom harness made by Hotwire in AR. I sent them my bulkhead connector along with a full harness from the 98 donor motor. I know I suck at wiring and did not want to gove myself the frustration I know I would get with that project. What I got back (the second time) was a plug and play harness that allowed the Jeep to fire on the first attempt. I used an external fuel pump and a regulator from a ZJ (if I remember correctly). The ASD relay was getting triggered at first as a result of an error in the harness when they sent it the forst time. I was able to bupass the relay and get it to fire. It turned out that they wired constant power to the ignition circuit and the ASD did not like it. Hotwire was great to work with and got it resolved and back in my hands to reinstall that section of the harness in a few days. Overall, I am glad I outsourced it. The only thing I need to do is add in a tach and run my wiring to the oil pressure sender for my gauge.

I spent a lot of time looking at the FSM for a 98 TJ when I was troubleshooting. It started to make sense. That scared me 😜

Good luck. If interested, I have a thread on my swap on this forum