9th Annual CJ-8.com Secret Santa gift exchange - Open Now! - No membership requirement


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Starting this a little earlier this year because 2020 flat-out sucks and I'm willing to trade being "too early for Christmas stuff" to try to give folks on here something positive and fun to think about -- plus this gives everyone more time to think about/find gifts. I also want to change things up this year and ANY active user here can participate this time around (it's usually just for paid forum supporters). I just want as many people as possible to enjoy this this year and to get more gift selfies.

We've done this for a few years now and I consider it one of the best things on the site. :headbang:

So you have WEEKS to come up with your present (and you can buy it early before the big holiday spending starts).

One of my favorite things about this forum is the fact that this idea works at all and I love seeing the gifts people come up with.

NOTE: The gift DOES NOT have to be Scrambler or even Jeep related and it's up to you to decide if alcohol would be appropriate. The only requirement is that whatever you send has to be legal to ship and legal for the recipient to have. Hopefully there's plenty of info available via folks' posts here to help you have an idea what might work. Every participant will answer a yes/no question on the appropriateness of alcohol when they sign up and you'll be provided with the answer for the person you get.

As always, I have set up a Google Form to make my life a lot simpler running this thing -- do not PM me about entering, use the form and post up here to say that you're in. Due to occasional issues getting properly formatted shipping addresses from folks in the form, I separated street address, city, state and ZIP. All are required (duh). Overseas folks, see below and fill in the form as best possible, you can add a complete address in the new "Notes" section too.

Link to the form to use to register:
2020 - 9th Annual CJ-8.com Secret Santa Registration Form

(Removing this requirement for 2020)
If you haven't read it already, this is a great thread for folks to check out to understand how this forum is run, why things here are different (better) than other Jeep forums, and why we need your support for way less than the cost of a tank of gas per year:


Membership signup page: https://www.cj-8.com/account/upgrades

It is not sufficient to simply post a picture of the gift! YOU must be in the photo to get credit for this step in order to avoid prolonged nagging and ridicule by the rest of us. In the picture with your gift, ugly Christmas sweaters, funny headwear, beer, bacon, bourbon, and/or Christmas trees will earn you extra credit (usable for nothing, but hey! Extra credit!) Aside from the fact that this is fun for folks who participate, this is really the most fun thing in this whole deal for me personally, therefore it's absolutely, 100%, completely mandatory dammit. :smokin:

The whole thing is on the honor system, so there's no way to enforce this, but this is just a fun thing and not meant to be "another thing I have to spend $$$$ on..." so we put this in place to keep it reasonable and allow more folks to participate. And you don't have to spend all $25 if you have a great idea for less money. On the other hand, if you want to be the guy that sends someone a fuel injected, 401 crate engine, have at it, but know that you're very likely getting something $25 or less for yourself.

4. USE THE GOOGLE FORM LINK TO ENTER TO PARTICIPATE and post up here that you're in (don't need any info in your post, just an FYI for folks and to bump the thread)
It is NOT sufficient to just post up here that you're in and I will NOT accept any PM entries. USE THIS LINK TO THE FORM (CLICK HERE) I am the only one with access to the responses and they won't be used for anything else.

Obviously, if you ship the person the gift, they'll basically know who it came from based on the return address, but there's really no reasonable alternative system, so the fun is the anticipation of the gift and not knowing who it came from until it arrives.

Someone WILL be screwed if you don't follow through because they will have sent a gift to someone else. I WILL let people know who doesn't follow through, if it happens. For this to be fun, everyone needs to ship their gifts by the deadline so no one is sitting around waiting after everyone else has their gift. If we start having issues with follow through, I won't keep this going. We had someone not follow through (I stepped in to make things right) and I do not want to have to do that again. I don't want to stop doing this, so set reminders, write yourself a note, tattoo a reminder on the back of your hand, whatever you have to do to follow through by the deadline!

Participation Commitment:

You must use the Google Form link to register by MIDNIGHT SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8. This is early, but it allows more time after you know the person's name to figure on a gift and gives everyone black Friday to do shopping, if they wanted, to get a cool deal. That means I have to have everyone's name/address in time to do the name drawing and share them out to everyone via PMs.

Gift Shipping:
Everyone must ship their gift by Wednesday, DECEMBER 9. That's a month from when you'll get your name for finding/buying/shipping gifts (plus the time you have between now and then to think it over) and leaves time for delivery prior to the big day even with weather and the holiday shipping crunch.

Overseas Participant Requirement:
If you are outside the USA, you may still participate if you're willing to provide a way for your Secret Santa to ship you a gift. Ideally, a shipping company account number that the shipper could use to bill you as the recipient. We can't really ask people to pay for overseas shipping and then be reimbursed after the fact. I could be convinced to serve as an intermediary for funds to try to keep the identity of a Secret Santa secret (you essentially pay for shipping up front by sending me money to send to your Secret Santa) but that sounds awfully complicated. Contact me first if you have an alternative idea and want to participate. I have added a "Notes" section to the signup form if you need to enter information related to this.

Use the form to sign up and post up here if you're in! Also, let me know if there's anything I forgot.


Winners of the prestigious "BEST Gift Selfie Award"
(judged entirely by me, entirely subjectively, with absolutely no rationale or criteria):

2019: Beliezit (two parts to show the full present and awesome headwear)
image.jpg image-1.jpg

2018: Polarfire

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I'm in. I was just thinking about this last week trying to think what to get this year for somebody.


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Put me on the list Big W! 🎄🎁🥳