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Alternator White Wire Plus More

My CJ8 has a 304 V8, the wiring in it is a rats nest from the previous owner that I am trying to straighten out. One of the things I have found is that the white wire from the alternator goes no where it is just hanging. What should it be connected to? I should mention at this point the wiring harness is home made not the original.

Secondly I am wondering which of the wires (color) for the ignition module would be the the feed for it from the ignition switch that powers it up when it is turned on?

Third is there somewhere on line where I can find a wiring schematic for an 82 CJ8?
A photo would help but your alternator will have some markings either cast in or on a sticker if you are lucky which would help to identify the terminal connections and therefore the white wire.
It may be for a tacho connection and therefore not needed on an 82 Scrambler.

I think red is ignition 12 volt and white is cranking 12 volts on the ignition module,
If the Jeep fires when cranking and dies when you stop cranking then its the other way around, thats assuming it is the standard Ford Duraspark unit you have on the 304.
I did get the jeep running today for the first time since I towed it home, the motor sounds great BTW and it gave me a chance to check out the white wire. No voltage with the motor off and 12.5v with it running. Everything seems ok without it attached to anything so for now I'll just leave it as is.


Crazy Cajun
CJ-8.com Member
You should read a little over 14 volts with the engine running. You don't specify exactly how you checked the voltage, but it may be that your alternator is doing nothing. Consider switching to a CS or 12SI series alternator. Much higher amps at lower RPMs.