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Americana Floor Mats


Scrambler Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
Correct,no longer being made and selling for big money and very fast if offered for sale on this site.


Scrambled in the Head
CJ-8.com Member
There was pair of original (1970s) one on eBay earlier this week. Buy it now was $815 and they are now gone.


Definitley Certifiable
CJ-8.com Member
When I was building the RHD Jeep, I was up really late for work and was looking on eBay, a set went up for $250 I think BIN and I jumped on it... brand new in box... after that (~3-4 years ago), the prices have only gone up.
I was happy to pay that price compared to what I am seeing these days.



Picture cravin' AK Postal nut
Staff member
SOA Member
Considering they arent actual Jeep pieces, the market for these is completely insane. I got my Postal for $650, there is no situation where a pair of non-Jeep floor mats should be anywhere close to that.

Good luck and be aware that I think there are originals (still aftermarket) and newer repros.


CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
I have a set setting in the basement. But i'm not sure i feel comfortable selling them. I'd probably rather trade them, I need a witco nutmeg half cab soft top for hard doors.


CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
Hollibaugh had a set for $500 on one of the FB CJ pages.
Its hard for me to pay a premium for these mats when I had a few re-pop sets that I purchased from 4wd.com several years ago for $99.00. I actually gave a set away :banghead: a couple years ago not knowing they would be so hard to get again.


Scrambler Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
I remember them for sale back in the day around that price, too. Who could predict this market? Insane is good description.

I ran into Dennis Collins last year at their shop, and these mats came up in our discussion. Collins used to license the right to manufacture/sell them and has approached FCA on them again. However, FCA either wanted an obnoxiously high royalty rate or refused to license the Jeep name and AMC logo for the mats.


Scrambler Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
Yeah I remember when they were available cheap, I guess probably saw them on ebay.

I don't get paying that much for something that wasn't OEM, but that's just me.

Now some original Honey floormats? I could get excited about those, but unfortunately they're $$$ too.


Jeep Aficionado
CJ-8.com Member
These mats aren't very hard to find. However, finding them for anywhere near what I'd consider a reasonable price is another story. You might contact Jeremy Tepper on facebook. I think he may have some he'd be willing to sell. They won't be cheap though.


Car and Gun Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
I just bought a pair of brand new reproduction out of Indonesia They look exactly like the originals to me for 275 shipped.


Jeep Restorer
CJ-8.com Member
Anybody remember what Collins was selling them for 5 years ago? I don't remember paying out the nose like that back then.
$39.99 a set.....

gotta get that time travel machine fixed right after I solve the hard to start issue with my CJ.

Time travel machine may be easier......