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Below rear corners


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Google runck bumpers

Also look at my post about upgrades coming. Errick Lloyd has weld some side protectors to his bumpers.....


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Here's what I've done. Looks like I need to do some paint touch up over the winter!

The bumper is still fully removable, although I haven't had need to remove it since I added the rear quarter protection 15 years ago.

20181124_152841.jpg 20181124_152849.jpg
Good timing...Just today, I started the teardown of my Scrambler. Going to get it good looking again after nearly 20 years of bashing. Rubicon, Moab and other adventures. The cage, rocker guards and corner guards are coming off today. Here are some pics. I had Wayne Hason at https://www.hansonoffroad.com fabricate these corner and rocker guards in 1998 for me. Not sure, but I don't think he makes them any longer. They have really taken a beating and held up well. I've actually come down may times on large granite rocks with them. Even cracked one rock. They are 1/4" steel and wrap underneath. The bracket you see bolts to the reinforced body mount area underneath and then through to the rear roll bar mount. Worth a call to Hanson or maybe you can get some ideas from them. Hope that helps...
DSC_0022 (800x533).jpg DSC_0024 (800x533).jpg DSC_0025 (800x533).jpg DSC_0026 (800x533).jpg DSC_0053 (800x533).jpg DSC_0058 (800x533).jpg IMG_20181124_125358_498.jpg 20181124_131411.jpg 20181124_131503.jpg



Scrambler Junkie
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I had a local guy fab these up for me, and weld them to the Rock Hard rear bumper. They work great.