Broken Leaf Springs

Broken leaf springs suck.

I broke one today, front Drivers, back half, MAIN LEAF. after I walked up the left side of the snow/ice covered wall I was hammering down on trying to climb out of on the right side (4000 RPMs, low range, drop into 3rd gear to "launch" up) I noticed the broken leaf and the sheared rear Passenger leaf pack bolt, the rear axle shifted back 4".
I drove off snow covered the trail (one pack foot with an icy crust), fixed the rear leaf and drove back to the trailer. It handled fine since the front half of the pack was completely intact and the broken piece was held on by the Pack clamp.
A military wrapped spring pack might become a mandatory for me.

All in all a great day snow wheelin in the PNW!

I did see a Red exo-tubes Scrambler out there but was not able to meet the owner, anybody here Wheel Reiter in Gold Bar WA today?