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Can’t close windshield gap


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I finally took the time to realign my windshield and doors from how the PO cobbled them together. I used keith460s guide to align everything. I found that the windshield hinges were about 1/4" proud of the cowl surface, and the door hinges were around 13" apart.
Now however I cannot get the windshield to door gap to close. I can pull it closed with ratchet straps but the second I release the ratchets the windshield pops out, more so on the passenger side. The hold down brackets have plenty of play in them.

I'm assuming this is happening because the hinges have been too high for so long and the seal won't compress. Should I go ahead and purchase another cowl seal? Should I try a different style bolt?

Here's Keiths guide for those of you who haven't seen it:
keith460;14182383 said:
Aftermarket hinges are crap. There are a few quality made ones out there that are available but you are still better off with a set of used OEM hinges.

As far as aligning the doors, use the photo below to get them right. Your hinges should be spaced 12-3/4" center-to-center as that is the dimension between the center-to-center of where the hinges mount to the door. Use a 3/8" threaded rod to align the bottom hinge with the top hinge and nuts to lock it into place while you tighten the hinge mounting bolts.




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Following. I’m ditching my aftermarket hinges and sourcing some originals, but outside of that I have some serious gaps between the doors, windshield and hardtop that I need to sort out.

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It's a trial and error until you get it right. Get the doors so the gaps on the body are even, and then if the windshield doesn't come back enough to make even gaps with the doors, move the windshield up or grind the cowl gasket down (new ones can be thicker and denser than the originals). Not all Jeeps are made or twisted or flexed the same and so you may have to compromise in some areas to get an acceptable fit.