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Carb Leaking Gas (Video)

My Scrambler sat for a while, and now I'm having issues with the carb. It's leaking fuel from the throttle area. Not well versed in carbs, but want to learn more. Does anyone have any answers for what might be causing this? If so, what might I do to fix this issue? Thanks.

To give more detail on the issue, it starts fine on a cold start, and idles decently for about 30 seconds...from there the idle starts to become rough and eventually peters out and shuts down. That's when the leaking starts. Each start after that is extremely hard. I have to hold my foot on the gas to even keep the engine from shutting off. There's no way I can keep it running long enough to put it in gear and drive it anywhere. Hope this context helps. Thanks!

Kim Dawson

CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
Carbs aren't my specialty, but it looks like the throttle shaft is worn or the hole it turns in is worn and the gas is running along the shaft and dripping from there. Might be time to get a Motorcraft carb to replace it.


Scrambler Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
I don't know that carb. Did it leak when you parked it? Carefully look down the carb throat with a flashlight the next time you start it. You may find that the floats have a hole in them or dirt in the float needle/seat. This lets the fuel bowl overflow and can run down the throat of the carb, land on the throttle plates and run out the shafts. It would also flood the motor causing the engine to run like your talking about. If so, time to rebuild the carb, new fuel filter. When rebuilding the carb, check the bottom of the fuel bowl for rust and dirt. It could come from the fuel tank rusting.
Update on carb. Gave it a thorough cleaning, waited a day or two for the magic to happen, and boom! Started up, no rough idle, no gas leak. The scrambler gods blessed my carb. Driving it around now.