Okay, I know this isn't a Scrambler topic, but don't know any other people to turn to. I have on opportunity to purchase a 1977 CJ-5 Renegade Levi ed. for $3200. Just would like to know if this Jeep is as rare as I think in is and I should jump on it or should I not be in such a rush. By the way, it still has the factory paint, decals, and interior. Man says he has other customers wanting it, but because he is a family friend I get first chance. He needs an answer pritty soon though.


Welcome Travis!

1977 was the last year of the channel frames I think... Or something about the '78 and later CJ's being more desireable than the earlier ones. (This is per comments in the Jeep Owners' Bible by Moses Ludel.) That said, the later '77's may have the desireable 'improvements' sought. (It could also be front disc brakes too... not sure when CJ's went from 4 wheel drum to front discs.)

Anyhow, per Mr. Ludel, the '78 & '79 model CJ's are his picks for the best model years of the CJ's.

Levi Edition CJ's are pretty sought after I think, but I have no idea what condition the one you are considering is in. Nor what you are intending to do with it... restore, daily drive(r); minimal/mid/extreme build-up for off-roading, etc. If latter, the rarity of the Levi Ed. is lost on your ultimate goal.

Finally, unless in REAL GOOD condition, $3200 sounds like a whole LOTTA money to me for a '77 -5.

Tell us some more about the condition: body (in & out), motor, tranny, axles, etc... and maybe we can help you out a little more.

Again, welcome! :)


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$3200 sounds like a good buy on an original rust free 1977 CJ5 with original paint, decals, and interior. It is not a rare Jeep by any means- it was a very common option in 1977. It certainly would be worth $3200 is it is a V-8(original 304) with a three speed or the valuable T-18 four speed. The seats are hard to get redone correctly- as the levi buttons are no longer produced. There is no decode for the Levi option that I am aware of, so any Jeep can be made a Levi edition. Miles are important as well. If the original miles are under 100K and the Jeep is rust free(not rust repaired) than the $3200 sounds like a deal. With photos and a detailed description I could give you a much better idea.
Sorry, guys, can't post any pics. The Jeep is about 250 miles south of me, I've been trying to decide rather I want to make the the treck down to take a look or not. A good friend of mine, (actually it's also my girlfriends brother) is supposed to go look at it today. He has a '64 CJ-6 and is wanting to get out from it and get into something a bit more repairable so I think I'm going to let him walk away with it if he likes it. He is just going to slight modify it for off-road and use it as a constant (not daily) driver. From what the man selling it says, it's in good shape, no rust and I'm not sure of the miles. I appreciate all the help.
Well, as far as that goes...I have a 2.2 liter diesel motor that I pulled out of a 1984 Ford Ranger (yeah, the little one). I've been thinking of trying to put it into some form of Jeep body for some REAL torque. This CJ 6 might not be a bad place for it, but would it work. I know that some early Jeeps had some diesels in them and I know that they still make some over in stranger countries, but would it be a do-able project to take out a trash four-banger and replace it with diesel power. The Jeep doesn't have to be pritty in the end, it's going to be mainly used for ranch work (so that CJ 6 bed would be nice) and just some horseing around on some REAL minor off-roading.

P.S. I just got off the phone with my bud. :D He bought the Jeep on the spot. Says the V8 runs like crazy and the body is in GREAT shape. The only down to it is that there is no top or doors and the two front seats were redone with some sort of black leather or vinal. It was originally the tan levi interior and he would like to redo the seats at some piont. Are the original levi buttons able to be found or can older seats be found somewhere. Help is always appreciated. Adios.