Crozet, Va trail ride yesterday....


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LittleJohn and I had a great day of wheeling at Crozet yesterday! :) Crozet is very rocky, with big obstacles but also go arounds on MOST;) obstacles. I defintely pushed my Jeep harder yesterday than ever before!

We had some carnage...I dented my rocker panel (again) :rolleyes: and passenger rear corner, and ripped the right rear taillight/Eurogaurd completely off the Jeep on a big rock.:eek: John had some mechanical carnage that I'll let him describe.

Near the beginning of the trail down the hill to the left of the house, there is a giant boulder on the right as you enter the creekbed. John successfully went over it, I took a bypass (33" tires with a bad breakover angle), and then a Samauri right behind me tried to go over it, but slipped off and rolled completely upside down!:banghead: No injuries (Luckily, as he did not really have a rollcage...only some spreader bars attached from the stock rollbar to the windshield). Anyway, even though he didn't have one of those "if you can read this flip me over" stickers, I backed up and then winched him over...he was running again by the end of the day.

Stan went wheeling with us. He's a friend of John's and it turns out he only lives only a couple of miles from me, which is cool.

No pictures since we all forgot our cameras (sorry Big Walt!).

Here's John's description I yanked from another website, with the details of his breakage and the names of some of the trails we ran:

"Sorry, no pics, both Mike and I left our cameras at home.

Sunday was a good day for wheeling- not as hot as Saturday. The Sammy roll that Mike described was pretty bad. The truck slid off the rock and wound up on it's lid. It only had the factory sport bars that bolted into the windshield frame. The windshield frame was completely crushed- didn't see how they got out unscathed, but they did- rolled it back over, got the oil out of the cylinders and continued on.

I broke an axle ujoint on Drivetrain dubachery, wallowing out the axle ears so a replacement joint could not be installed (might be time for chromos & CTMs). I continued wheeling in three wheel drive for most of the day, going up the gulch, pete's demise, heckler, etc etc. Did pretty well until I trashed my front driveshaft in the rock garden by the creek on the back of the property.

All in all a good day."

Well, this thread would be WAAAAYYYY better with pics!!!