Custom tops for wangler half doors

N. Cape May
Hey guys!I just talked to a friend of mine who owns a canvas shop that does boat tops and between the 2 of us were gonna make a set that will fit perfectly to the scrambler hard top.Im gonna add a section of round bar to the exsisting frame and make it conform tight to the hardtop and he's gonna make some new skins. I've seen his work and i know he'll do a great job! Anyone who lives in a coastal area should have no problem finding a shop that will do something like this! All u inland guys I don't have a problem with u sending your frames to me and getting him to wrap them for u.Ill post some pics when im done and let u know what he wants for the job. Any input would be welcomed.


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Silver City
Hey Rubber,

How are you going to modify the frame? I had the sliding window uppers redone when I got my fast back top and the guy here did an amazing job covering them, looks 100% factory. However they will not fit my '81's hard top. Just curious how you will change the frame to fit a hard top.