Death Wabble!


What's a scrambler?
I just put new tires on my scrambler and picked up a death wabble. I went from 31's up to 33's and had them ballanced. What would cause this? I didn't have it before the new tires, but did immediately after having them installed. It kicks in at about 65MPH and just shakes the heck out of the entire jeep.:confused:


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worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends, worn steering box possibly.
you did not say if you had a lift or not, if it is a shackle lift it will cause caster to be off and possibly cause it to.
Completely check out front end from your u bolts to the steering for loose or worn parts.
going from the 31s to the 33s only magnified any existing problems that were all ready there.


What's a scrambler?
Thanks RJ. I just recently picked the jeep up and have not had a lot of time to get to know all of the quirks she has. It has a tall shackle lift (2") with a mild spring lift (2"). It has a couple of new ball joints and a new steering stabilizer, installed just before I purchased it. I guess I'll be buisy this weekend. :p


What's a scrambler?
Fixed it!

:) :) You guys will love this one. So I check the front end (which was mostly new) check the wheel bearings and the shocks and springs and bushings and what ever else moves or looks like it is supposed to move. All good. I finally shell out the 65 bucks for a lifetime balance and rotate at good year and they find 3oz of lead rolling around inside one of my tires. They also found that they were horribly out of balance. Wobbles all gone, and now I know all of the components under the front are good as well.:cool:
Dont forget to go back and get your money from the first shop and explian to them that they are lucky you or anyone else didn't get hurt for their faulty work done. Their lucky and who knows the owner of the shop may not even know what type of work is coming out of his shop?

Good luck!