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Degreasing recommendations?


CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
I'm bringing the -8 back from the cabin at the end of the month and need to work out a few gremlins. Need to replace some cooling lines that are slowly leaking, upgrade ignition, cut out a few miles of orphaned wires, fix the electronic choke (and probably the oil pressure switch that activates it), and a few other things. Theres several years of grime in the engine compartment that I'd like to remove before getting in there... does anyone have any recommendations for degreasing? Specifically:

1) are there degreasers that you prefer?
2) what components should I protect?
3) is a pressure washer a bad idea?
4) other misc. thoughts?




Boonie Basher
I like spritzing Zep 505 degreaser all around with the exception of Dist and pressure washing. Gives a clean dull look.