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Don't throw away that factory radio!


Scrambler Junkie
Seeing the other recent post about factory radios made me think of this. I made an interesting discovery a few years ago. I had a factory am/fm Jeep radio from one of my parts scramblers. Well, as usual it was total junk because of being exposed to the elements. One day I was cruising my local junkyard and found a few AMC Spirits. Even though the radio looks considerably different I thought I would pick it up in hopes of getting parts from it to get my Jeep radio to work. I bought it for $5. I took apart both radios side by side only to discover they are exactly the same! The spirit radio simply has an added switch to control the treble/base. You can either remove it like the Jeep version or relocate it to the back of the radio like me. Then simply swap over the faceplate and the knobs. Yay! You now have a "factory" Jeep radio.

AMC spirit radio faceplate
Spirit radio with Jeep faceplate and relocated switch
IMG_20180106_154009.jpg IMG_20180106_154102.jpg