Door and Top Styles and Accessory Info

Kim Dawson

CJ-8 Member Member
Just added some Jeep literature from 1980 and 1981 to my collection. Learned a few things I thought I would share. The 81 Scrambler
used the hard doors with the paddle handles (literature backs that up). I was suprised to find out that the literture for the 81 CJ7 shows
twist type handles on the hard doors. I had thought they both used the paddle handles. Ever heard of a sky viewer soft top? It was available on CJ7 soft tops . . . kind of like a moon roof!
The bodyside steps for 1980 were the smaller ones and in 1981 the longer ones became available. Did you know that the console made
for the CJs had a drain tube that carries water through the floor so the console can be used to carry cold beverages? And those two storage
holes on top are for cans. I thought the wheelhouse pads used on the CJ7s were a nice accessory. Might be nice in a Scrambler if you are
using a back seat. Some of you guys already know most of this, but it may be interesting to some of you.