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I had that same rear bumper with the diamond plate on top.

I have the mail tray for mine, it was installed when I got it, it used a small "bulkhead" in the back that bolted to the inside front rollbar feet bolts. The tray bolted to it along the back in three places IIRC and the front had a couple tabs that captured a piece of metal strap that was bent to pick up the front two seat mounting holes.

I just looked through my pictures from Anchorage, I can't believe it but I didn't take a single picture of the interior before I swapped in the passenger seat. In this one you can see the "bulkhead" though, I left it to help keep crap in the back from sliding between/under the front seats.


I still have all of the parts and I think I know where the tray and front support are if you really need to have photos. I'd just have to dig them out.