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Fuel Gauge/Temp Gauge Regulator Replacement Experiment


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Well inspired by @cbford i have made a chart of gallons/amps etc to try and find out where my setup will be when the gauge reads empty.
The fuel sender readings are pure guess work as the sender isn't on a linear graph and i have spent far too much time already just doing this to be plotting stuffs on graphs as well! 😁.
So if my dodgy sums are correct going off the 40.5 ohms it took to read empty on my setup at 6.1 Volts then it would suggest i will have approx 3.5 gallon or thereabouts in the tank left when the gauge reads empty.
As mentioned in @cbfords post higher on the voltage will help the lower end but may not do the world of good to the gauge when tank is full.
6.5 Volts would show empty at 3 Gallon but would shove 0.21 Amps in to the gauge at Full and as discussed not sure where the line is drawn between a working gauge and a wisp of smoke and no gauge.
Time to leave it as is i think and see what happens but i seem to have said that several times in this thread before....

Sums were done using 20 ohms as a resistance within the gauge and although some (maybe all..) of this is guess work i cannot think for a minute that all Jeeps left the factory with an accurate temperature/fuel gauge or maybe they did and thats the place that AMC spent sll the R+D money on?. :unsure:


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I have a similar problem... temp started reading low and it seems the also throw the fuel gauge off. So is the conclusion that the voltage regulator is the "weak link", the primary failure component? The reason I ask is that the previous time I had a gauge fail it was the wrapped resistance wire that failed...