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Gas Tank Woes

I bought my CJ8 as a non running project and one of the many things I'm working on is getting the gas tank reinstalled. It is looking like I may have the wrong one for the Jeep. The holes in the skid plate / tank mount are 20 3/4'' center to center and the holes in the frame members are only 14'' center to center. This tells me either I am missing some extra spacers and brackets to mount a larger tank or I have the wrong tank all together. Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me.


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There were two tanks used - 15g metal, and 20g plastic. Aftermarket mainly come in plastic, though you can find metal. The 15g plate used the forward two sets of frame mounts, the 20g used the same forward holes. most forward and the most rear (under the tailgate) mounts. Seems I can't help but be wrong lately.
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I believe both 15 and 20 gallon skids used the same mounting holes on the frame. The 20 is just wider side to side and deeper top to bottom. The rear of the tank is about even with the rear shackle hangers. 20-21" front to back sounds about right for the hole spacing... are you looking at the right frame members? It should sit pretty close to the differential cover.
I did get a chance yesterday to do a dry run and get the tank fit up if only temporary. I still have fuel lines to run and a few other things before it goes in for good. I did need to elongate the holes a little in the skid plate to make everything line up, this got me thinking about the bolts. It looks like I'll need four carriage bolts to fit the square holes but it looks like it will be tricky to set the tank in without knocking them out of place. Does anybody tack weld those in and were they welded from the factory?


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if I recall correctly the factory used a retaining washer similar to these

but i've tack welded them in place before.