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Gonna probably regret it


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sold the 8 today. Tough decision, but just never used her. Went to a good friend who was the reason I got into Jeeps to start with. It's been a fun ride, but time to move onto something more practical that'll actually get used. Kinda feels like losing a part of the family. Got a lightly modified 1953 M38A1 and 2K for it.
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Definately gonna let him know about the forum. It's gonna be a hard one to replace, but one day I'll find another. And Dain I ain't going no where unless BW kicks me out, not on here nearly as much as I used to be, but I still lurk now and then and don't plan on changing that.


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It kicking anyone anywhere. Sorry to hear it. You’ll have another one soon enough ;)


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I know the feeling. I regretted selling mine in 1996...so much that I tracked it down and bought it back 20 years later. However, I'm once again considering selling it and will probably regret it once again. I've found that I'm perhaps overly interested in preserving it so I don't drive it as much as I should. I guess that's one problem with a "classic" vehicle. And I really like driving topless. In my younger years, I could easily remove and re-install the top by myself. At 71 years of age, it's not as easy to do now. I've been looking at the new Wrangler JL (2-door, soft top, manual) and am seriously considering ordering a 2019 model as soon as they start building them with half doors...unless I get a screamin' deal on an '18 with full doors sooner. If I do that, the 8 will need to go...again. It probably won't take me long to regret it.


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^^ Well, that shocks me! I'd sure rather see you dig up a whitco half top and keep driving the Scrambler... but I know how life changes.

Don't rush in to anything.... :cheers: