Grommet and Seal troubles - locating the right stuff


Scrambled for Life
Fairfax Station
Hi all,

I'm in the throws of my restore. I'm now at a point of addressing the HVAC system and finding it difficult to locate the bits I need. The big things I'm struggling with are the parts that are attached through the firewall. First part I need is the correct seal/grommet where the upper airbox goes through the firewall and attaches as the upper drain hose. Second issue is finding the grommets to use for the clutch through the firewall. Lastly, I already have the grommet for the power brake...its in the shape of a cone...does the cone point into the cabin or into the engine bay?

I think this is all the help I need for this portion of the rebuild. Thanks for any response. Seems I've reached a point in the process where everything is now a problem to solve rather than to just put it together. Either trouble locating parts, or figuring out how to put it back together.