half-cab fabrication


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Has anyone ever seen a CJ half cab (like a CJ-10) constructed from a CJ or YJ? I'm not talking about a half cab hard top or soft top - I'm talking about the actual tub. The CJ-10a tugs have these and Aqualu also makes an aluminum model sold as the "J-bucket" by JP Off-road.

Also, see Craig's CJ-10a conversion project for half cab pics:

I'm wondering how feasible it would be to Frankenstein one of these by cutting off the back half of a CJ-7 tub and preferably (1) welding CJ-7 corners and tailgate to enclose backside of tub or (2) using a Scrambler bulkhead. This would be similar to the hacked off tub jpdeuce had but with a finished look in back. A requirement would be that the stock CJ-8 half hard top would still be useable and removable with standard hard doors. This is not an attempt to convert to a CJ-10a metal top with World Cab doors.

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