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Half door upper question

Yes, TJ doors work. It's definitely been done. It requires changing the striker out. But the outline of the door shell is the same, and the hinges are in the same locations. In the same vein, CJ/YJ doors work on a TJ, but I think it requires running an electric window regulator because the hand-crank hits the dash or something.


That is some really good information! Thank you for sharing it.


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I did a set of doors today. I only needed to bring in the rear pin. I cut the pin about 3/8" from the door. I was able to shorten the horizontal pin and line them up. Make sure you pull the upper door frame against the lower door (so it gets a good seal to the lower door).
Very nice work, Jammer.


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I thought I would post up pics on how they came out - I'm pretty happy - I think I'll like the half doors more than the full hard. - Thanks to all for the suggestions

I stripped the hardware from the originally white doors - a few dings to fill, but no rust, so I just sanded them down. A couple rattle cans later of Rustoleum auto paint in black and clearcoat, and the look pretty decent. The interior panels were light grey and very faded, so I scrubbed them up and 1 can of Krylon vinyl spray and they cleaned up pretty well:

Half outside.jpg

Half inside.jpg

I found a set of TJ upper frames locally - my brother helped me shorten the 3rd pin as all here pointed out (Thanks again!). No other mods needed. I picked up a set of besttop skins - they seem great and are very tight fitting. They fit pretty well, and I suspect Ill have them off most of the time, but good to have in case of any sudden rain. I think some more heat will let me stretch the skins a little tighter.

Upper inside.jpg

Upper outside.jpg


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Looks great. Need to finish this project myself. I'm trying to justify a welder purchase for this and a repair on my mower deck :D
Tj half doors and uppers. Needs the filler plate at the back top area. They fit, but need to modify the striker. The windshield is not deep enough so I used the yj windshield channel. Just need thinner head screws. I'll grab. Some more pics tonight.