Heated seats?


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Has anyone had any experience with the Bestop termal seats? I have heated seats in my other car, and they make cold winter morning soooo much better. So, I'm considering the Bestop heated seats for my 8 when I get around to making it look nice inside. That will be a while though.



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These are the Trailmax Pros, right?

While I can't comment on the heater function, I WILL praise these Trailmax Pro seats until the cows come home...

Drove back from Alaska 10-16 hours a day with these and my 6'6" self never had a sore back or even a trired butt on the whole drive!

I was sure it was going to be agony in a CJ for that long for so many days in a row, but MAN was I happy with my seats!

I say DO IT!:cool:


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I had a set in my YJ, let me first start with the seat then get to the heaters.

Trailmax Pro Seats: Good, padding very comfortable, well bolstered. Bad, headrests dont work with a dang, I hate those "Euro" style adjusters. The cloth will fade rather quickly the first few months but seems to stop and be stable. My first dirvers seat had something in the inside wear a hole through within a month but (Whitney) replaced it no questions asked. Even let me order a replacement and send back the original. So from having tested these seats for 2 years they are ok to good in my book and they are now in my fathers YJ since my YJ was destroyed.

Ah now to get to what you really want to know! The heaters! I must admit they are nice, they held up for 2 years against the thunderstorms and water my Jeep was exposed to so they must be fairly water tight. You wouldnt think they got very hot from putting a hand on them, you can barely feel the heat after an hour on. But put your body on them (ah insulation) and they heat up very very quickly. Must admit it is very comfy, and was a nice little warm up for my YJ which would never make heat (always ran sinfully cold rarely got about 140 degrees even after replacing everything). However some recommendations, I wish they would put a multistage or adjustible switch in the system, they get far to hot for my likes if you dont have alot of heavy clothing on so you end up constantly switching them on/off on off.

Hope that helps, honestly they were a nice little touch but I wouldnt spend that much money again on seats.