Help! Engine stalls.

scrmbln dirtbag

Kimchi Bio-fuel
Orange Park
Ok, so the engine stalled a couple of weeks ago after about 15-20 mins of driving. While I'm driving if at a reasonable speed it has hiccuped and continued going (again about the same amount of time). But at lower speeds/rpms It died altogether. The first few times it did this, it would not immediately restart. I thought it may be a spark issue so I changed the distributor, rotor, wires and plugs. It has rained a bit here lately. (Why I thought it might be the distributor) But it wasn't raining today when it did the hiccup. The carb seems to idle fine. Seems like an electrical issue. Maybe a fuel filter issue? Even checked the oil level since there are times the guage goes less than 20 (low rpms). Everything I'm reading with the same sounding issues says CPS (crankshaft Position Sensor), but after doing research I don't think my little 150 has a CPS. Any clues? :shrug: