Help Wanted on Scrambler Reassembly - Northern VA - will pay


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Hi there. I am on the tail end of putting my rest-mod Scrambler back together and I'm pulling my hair out trying to solve some of the puzzle. I'm looking for an experienced person that can come in and work with me to finish the assembly of this jeep. It's pretty much there, but I'm getting frustrated with some items that hopefully an experienced builder can help me with. Here is what I need help with:
1. Fender brackets and battery box
2. Heating/ducting install
3. Steering column rebuild - need to fix the key switch as it won't spring back
4. Windshield wiper assembly from old frame to new frame
5. Front brake lines from master cylinder to the brake diverter
6. Charcoal cannister or optional approach
7. Final fuel routings

I've done all the work to this jeep up to this point...fully restored frame and driveline, engine, suspension, etc. I worked with a body shop for the paint and we dropped the body on, but I'm just spinning my wheels with a few of these things and I'd like to get it done. Jeep is in a heated garage and I have all the tools we'll need.

The only caveat here is that the tub is aftermarket, and therefore is likely missing holes and such and since I"ve never done a complete reassembly before, I don't want to be drilling holes in places I don't need to .

Anyway, if you're in the Northern VA area, and looking to make a few bucks while getting a scrambler back on the road, this might be for you.

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Try giving Jeeperdd/Dustin a call. He’s in central Va, but he’s good at these issues you’re having.

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I can't help in person but I do have hundreds of pictures from my disassembly / rebuild if you would like any for reference?