Hitch on my tow rig


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Okay I had to share as this is my first little welding project. I got an old receiver hitch from Wildturkey (thanks Mike). It was originally a universal hitch, so it had promise to fit in my tow rig. Upon sizing things up and trying to figuring out the best way to stick this sucker on I realized the brackets that had been welded on were different heights. So since I had to take one bracket off I figured I might as well take both which would give me better options for fitiment. So I did just that and bolted it to the frame. Welders are just cool! Fun with metal :D Now if I just move my spare tire mount up the frame a bit I should be able to keep that as well..thanks again Mike.. And I couldn't forget the pix...
Off to Colorado Springs for the next couple days for a meeting. Cheerio..


Welding it up & making use of my truck vise..

Getting a good coat of rustoleum hammerite!!

Mounted as tight as I could get it to the rear bumper..

All that work doesn't show for much but it should work just fine and it looks unobtrusive..