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anyone know where I can find the scrambler hood decals in the shadow look that were similar to originals? All the decals I find are just basic black lettering - need something close to the original look decals


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Try here

I saw this link from ktg001, in response to your previous post on this question (1/9/07) ;) . I followed the link, and found this:


Scroll down, you'll see a tan scrambler w/ original looking decals. The site says they have several different colors.

Check that Phoenix Graphics link again, and scroll down under the Jeeps section. They have 3 types of Scrambler decals.

Please let us know which you choose and how they turn out...
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Thanks - I went back to Phoenix and you are right there are some there- the other site is Austin Jeeps and I had already talked with them - they do not have the Scrambler decal in stock - one of the problems is I am just wanting the hood decal but most all of these are kits that include the side decals too and they run over $300 including Collins Bros. - may end up having to get the kit though to get what I want - I also need another opinion - my jeep is fire engine red with black half hard top and stainless grill, bumpers, etc. Would the silver decals look ok with this set up? I would prefer black but again I have not been able to find the original look decal in black - they are all offered in silver, nutmeg, orange, etc.


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I purchased mine from Collins Bros. I called and all I wanted was the hood decals and that wasn't a problem. I bought them several months ago and I think I paid 150.00 for them. They are not 3-M so the quality was good not great in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong they look good still. Just my luck a few days later I meet someone that had there decals made at a local sign shop for half the cost and they look the same. Try a local sign shop also.
Hope this helps
that is a good idea - I will check with a local sign shop - I did talk with Phoenix graphics and they will sell just the hood decals for $89 and the entire kit for $299 - they have in two shades of silver - I have to figure out if that look will be ok on top of red with black accents - I think with all the chrome on the jeep that the silver may work fine


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Have your local dealer run a search. For the Laredo hood decal in silver the part #'s are:
19811-1984 outlined silver
5760508- right
5760509- left
Best of luck.