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Hooke Road rear bumper


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I like the style with built in receiver. The company doesn't list towing spec. Website is the same as vendors sites. Contacting hasn't worked for me.

Does anybody have any feedback on this rear bumper. With built in hitch. Need to town up to 2500 lbs for short distances occasionaly.


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I would certainly hope so. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market that seem to skirt needing proper calculations to verify rating, many hiding behind the "off road use only" clause in the fine print. They tout it has having "4.75 ton rated D-rings", and a 2" receiver is generally class III or IV, which is easily beyond your 2500 lb requirement. Assuming the hardware is quality, your frame mounts are in good order, and you don't have too much hitch extension, I'd say it appears to be capable of meeting your need. The overall construction and use of 8-10 fasteners to connect should handle 2500 lb straight pull, but it's hard to interpret what kind of tongue load it can handle as it looks to stand off pretty deep.

Bear in mind that while I am capable of doing the math, I am not a PE and have not run any of the numbers to say for certain.


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Don't know anything about the Hooke, but I'm looking for something similar and right now seem to be leaning towards these guys.