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how do i adjust full hard door to seal against top?

How to get the door to seal properly?

My full steel door weatherstrip is about 3/8 off of the hard top and the seal looks fairly new. How can i adjust the top half of the door? The bottom appears to be fine.

I have already move the striker bolt in as far as possible and it moved it in but their is still a gap.

Are their any more adjustments that can be made?
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


Charter Member
Here are a few low tech ones that I have tried in the past;
get some RV weather seal, it's the insulation with a stickey back in a roll- & it's about 1" wide. Try that to take up some of the gap.

Also you might try some small washers (experiment with width & # of) Put them on the door mount so they set between the pin & mount. This'll raise it up the width of the washer.
The height is correct. I was hoping their was some other means of getting the top of the door closer to the hard top.

If i cant find anything i will try adding some of the RV strip.

Some time ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine had a leaking seal in the same area with a late 80's Mustang, so we brought it to the body shop. He said nothing and right in front of us, he lowered the window, placed his knee on the inside of the door (just above the armrest), grabbed the top of the door and gave it several violent yanks. Afterwards, he rolled up the window and ran water over it without any entering the vehicle. He said "Free" and walked away. The entire process took five minutes and I was quite impressed.


Scrambler Pro
I agree with Joker. If your door is in good shape, roll down the window and bend the top over. It has probably bent itself out through years of repeated slammings. If you don't have any stress cracks around the base you should be fine.

I once bent out the top of a door on a Mustang so that we could get some keys out. I pulled it out far enough for the complete keyring to fit through. When we got the door open I bent it back no problems whatsoever and that was with the glass up.