How do i mount a fold n tumble??? help!!

Hi all,

i purchased a used fold n tumble with 4 pieces of hardware.

i cannot figure how to mount it. I thought these seats could be folded forward and easily removed from the vehicle alltogether.

I have derived that one cannot mount the bed mounting plates with the pins facing each other as the seat would fold, but could not be removed. I assume these plates are mounted to the bed with the pins both facing the same direction so the brackets (with the holes) mounted on the seat will allow the seat to both fold forward and be removed by sliding the seat to the right or left (depending on which way the bed bracket are mounted)

How are the rear bracket mounted? there are 4 "mushroom" type bolts on the underside of the rear of the seat. i assume the rear bracket engage these bolts to keep the rear of the seat fixated?

but how do you mount them such that everything works? It would seem to me that if the rear brakets are bolted to engage the seat bolts, the seat could no be moved.

any help, schematics, or pics would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey Rick, I'll take a look at mine tomorrow (it's buried under a bunch of stuff right now:o) and see if I can provide any help. But I don't think mine is the same as yours, because I don't think it has a "slide-it-sideways-to-remove-it" feature. It has a centered latch on the bed at the rear of the seat, and at least a couple of L-shaped legs on the front of the seat that face the front of the jeep and are bolted to the floor. IIRC, the seat folds down via a lever on the left side of the seat back, then lift the centered latch pin and the seat "tumbles" forward. No sliding forward or back or side-to-side unless I just never realized that (I'll check tomorrow). Not sure what brand mine is, I'll see if I can figure that out, too.

-Mike W


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I just did mine a few months ago. I'll see if I still have the pictures that I took for another member. I mounted mine about 1 foot back from the original location for more foot room. Would you like some measurements? You should have a peg that sticks out each side of the rear of the seat. These engage the brackets that will be mounted to the sides of the fenderwells.
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For an OEM rear fold-n-tumble (which differs from some aftermarket ones):

The long part of the "pinned" brackets (that hold the front of the seat) mounts facing the front of the vehicle, and yes...both pins should be facing the same direction so that you can remove the seat easily. There should be a small clip or two that go through those pins and hold the seat onto the bracket.

The rear "box-shaped" brackets mount to the inner fenderwell on an angle. The heads of the mushroom shaped bolts you refer to catch on the inside of these brackets, and lock the rear of the seat so it doesn't flip forward while driving.

The mushroom bolts on the rear of the bottom,should have rubber on them,they are what the seat sits on.The small brackets with a c notch in them bolt to the side of the fender wells,with the c notch facing the rear of the Jeep,when the seat is in the uprite position,a pin on each side of the seat goes into the c notch,and when you fold it down they come out of the notch.