How do I use this thing????


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Short version of a long story

So we used to have a sound lab at work. They used it for development of dashmats for cars. They tried to use a dyno to test them to see how much they improved. That didn't work so well...…….fast forward 15 years. Them-We need that dyno out of the room for more space. Me-I know where it can go :headbang:. Never thought that it would happen, but ended up making a deal and buying it. :woohoo:

The good news, It's only had about a dozen cars on it. :D

The bad, The last time the PC was turned on was 8 years ago :fingerscrossed:, But it was updated in 2002 :rotfl:

Got it home today and powered up the PC...……….IT LIVES :woot::woot::woot:

Next steps will be, 1: getting water to cool it, 2: bolt it to a vehicle, 3: figure out that I have no clue have to run it.

I plan on making this thread into a learning curve/shop project kinda thread. So any advice, pointers, and training is fully appreciated :smokin:
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