How to Abuse Your Liberty


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While I hate the KJ as much as any self-respecting Jeep owner, in all fairness just about any rig would have had problems in that situation. That's the result of driver error/inattention/plain old dumbassed-ness. Don't drive on sand bars, but if you must especially don't try to cross the channel without first checking it's depth before coming back to shore. Duh.

Reminds me of a lowrider S-10 pickup I came across in a similar situation on the Washington coast a couple of years ago. I tossed him a chain and snapped a pic while he was hooking it up. Unlike that Libby owner, I guess this guy was lucky that I happened along and was able to yard him out before the tide came back in:



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There is a place in Kansas where many of us go wheeling and Tuttle Creek Lake is near by. Almost every weekend i'm there, some idiot has stuck his full size truck in the sandy-mud close to the lake. Usually it's a major deal trying to get them out because they really sink in and it takes several vehicles to remove them. I'm amazed on how people just don't think.


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Never Ceases to Amaze!!

It never ceases to amaze me what people with a "4x4" think they can do!!! They probably had no idea what they were doing.
I can here them saying
" Lets go over there where no one has been today and show them what my KJ can do!!"
"I wonder why we are the only ones driveing on the wet sand?"
Dive, Dive!!!

I rescued a "4" wheel drive(Ha, Ha!!) Z-71 at Hatteras Island about 2 years ago. He was stuck, blocking the access ramp, and had burried it. We had to dig to get to the tow hooks. I remember some guy with him saying " There is no way that little JEEP is going to pull him out." Just to prove a point I never touched the gas (feet hanging out the door opening) and let it idle and pull him out. The guy's eyes got big as saucers when it poped out of the sand's grip.

Simply Amazing!!!