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How to become a CJ-8.com supporting member or vendor


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First, thanks to all of those who've already upgraded.

To help support this forum, you can now find a link right at the top of the forum to "Become a CJ-8.com Supporter" and it takes you to the options for paid membership.

Forum Supporter Tab.jpg

Membership Benefits
As anyone who's been to other Jeep forums, we do not cripple the free accounts or cover the site in advertising. We hope that people will enjoy the forum and the information available here and find enough value to support the forum. In return for helping with operating costs (hosting fees, software updates, maintenance, URL renewals) here's a short summary of some of the benefits for paid forum supporters:

Basic (free)
no attachments on posts
20 private message storage
default color theme only
basic signature
small custom avatar (50x50 pixel)
no post editing ability

Annual Paid Member ($30/year with or without auto-renew - that's only $2.50 per month!)

attachments (100 MB limit for all attachments in total)
Tapatalk mobile-optimized application access for smartphones and tablets
Post editing ability
profile picture (100x100)
large custom avatar (100x100)
Colored username to denote membership
Able to delete own posts/threads
photo gallery for uploading pictures
Alternate forum color theme access
200 private message storage
expanded signature with pictures
Access to member forum and ability to help decide on features/additions/upgrades

Lifetime Paid Member ($150 one time)
Same as Annual, with the following extras:

attachments (no MB limit)
1000 private message storage
profile picture (320x240)
larger custom avatar (250x250)
never having to worry about paying again! Unless you want to of course!

CJ-8.com is not the Scrambler Owners Association
For clarification, CJ-8.com is completely separate from the Scrambler Owners Association. CJ-8.com hosts the SOA specific forums that SOA members can access. So in joining the SOA, while obviously a great organization, it does nothing to support this forum overall or CJ-8.com.

Hope that helps to clarify, it's a very common misperception. If anyone has any questions on membership, don't hesitate to ask.
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