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Haven't been on much lately and wanted to say hi :wave: Not much to report in the Scrambler department, still haven't had time to fix leaks yet. Work has been pretty busy and weather hasn't helped. Haven't had much down time and no seat time in the jeep unless you count moving it around in the driveway. I've had a rash of trucks, car and tractor break downs in the last 8 months so that has been priority over the jeep. Truck needs to go back to the shop again, have a bad oil leak this time. I hope to get to do a little riding before the nats. Have been busy with family things as well. I have managed to get a few hours here and there to at least to get to the shooting range and restore a little of my sanity lol Life has been extremly busy to say the least, Im ready for a slow down and get out if weather breaks for more than a day or two without it pouring.