I bought one today!

Nearly virgin 1985 cj8 other than fuel injection. [subsequently had seller swap to OEM tire size, white rims and center caps shown later in thread]

It’s in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. A true barn find.

Rust is the enemy of all CJ owners. Can I wash the dust off this thing?

Should I avoid ethanol? Add an ethanol stabilizer product?

Spare parts to buy off the bat / accumulate?

What can you tell me that you wish you knew day 1? Good book / manual to read to learn the history systems and basic maintenance?







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We're on pins and needles! :bacon:

Involve the whole family in your new lifestyle. My grandfather took me with him to purchase what would becomemy first Jeep 57 years ago. My "Family" has been growing ever since.



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Ha. Best part was the wife is totally on board despite knowing this will cost lots of time and money.

I’ve want one since childhood but she’s the one who finally said “just buy one already”.
My wife is the reason I am spending so much on these things, too. She asked me what car I would buy if i could buy "any car in the world". I said an '81 scrambler and she made me start looking. Finding a good wife is the only thing better than finding a good barn find.

Congrats and welcome.