I Fixed My Tach (movie download)

Went out to Reiter this past Saturday with some friends. I decided to go up the rock face when it was slippery and wet.

The upside to this mess was the fact that my Tach wasn't working correctly, after the roll over it works fine, I guess I just needed to shake it upside down a bit!

Did I mention the rock face was slippery and wet? :p

This is a link to Start the Download of a 15 MB Quicktime .mp4 movie. If it doesn't work on your computer and you don't have Quicktime installed that's yer own problem.

This was how the day started, we ran a bunch of other trail that day, no more carnage for me , Tony broke his front drive shaft though, good thing he had an extra!


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Mark - maybe it's my computer, but only got 29 seconds of video on the Windows version...didn't show a roll. Also on the Quicktime I could hear a 6.5 minute video, but no video, just sound....probably my computer....

glad you and the jeep are ok and congrats on fixin the tach!

I downloaded the .WMV file and sure enough it's cut short, the other file is a Quicktime mp4 file. You need the latest version of Quicktime player to view it. Download Quicktime Free

Right click the link the save it to your desktop, if you are trying to stream the file it probably won't work since it's up on my works FTP site, I'm guilty of being a bandwidth theif!!


Good luck!

BTW if anybody is curious the video starts al white with my buddy talking (10 seconds or less), then cuts to video of me going up the "Rock Face" at Reiter, it's wet, the Jeep flips on its lid, then I drag it across the rocks with myy winch, get it back on its tires, start it up (SMOKE) then winch it up to the top.

It just so happened I had somebody out there with a camera for a change.