I need detailed pictures of a factory Whitco soft half top Installation

Joe West

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Hi Gang,

I'm in the process of installing a factory Whitco half soft top. This particular half soft top was designed to be used with lap belts and I have shoulder harnesses. There are instructions with the top on how to modify it so that it works with shoulder harnesses BUT the directions are extremely unclear AND I'm missing parts that I need.

I'm hoping that someone on this site has a factory whitco half soft top on their Scrambler that has the factory setup for the shoulder harnesses. I need pictures of the parts that are used in conjunction with where the roll bar seat belt bolt passes through the top and screws into the roll bar. I also need pictures of what the soft half top that was designed to work with shoulder harnesses looks like. Basically, the more detailed shots I can have of everything related to an actual installation, the better.

I'd appreciate it if anyone who has a Whitco soft half top designed to be used with shoulder harnesses could take pictures of the top itself, the holes where the seat belt bolt goes through, the plastic mounts, clips, etc.

Here is all I have to work with so far:

Any help would be much appreciated.