I want to start a project, but not sure what to do. Advice requested.


Scrambled for Life
Fairfax Station
Hi all. I have been very inactive on this board for the past 5 years due to life circumstances, but hopefully will be getting back in gear. I'm in the process of starting up a semi-restore on my Scrambler, and wanted to get some advice from the fine folks here.

About 11 years ago I earned my MBA...my masters of bedliner applications with a Herculiner rolled into the tub. I spent a large portion of my time yesterday removing it so now the tub is pretty much herculiner and paint free. For the most part, the tub is clean...a few holes under the front roll bar and a few eraser size holes here and there. I'll weld those shut.

So the Line-x seems to be the right bedliner to do. But here's my question.

Now that I've taken everything off the jeep, is it worth taking this further and removing the body and stripping the whole firewall? Is it worth doing POR15 on the entire underside of they body? On the frame? How much work is involved in taking the body off? And, are there any locals that are interested in doing this type of work for compensation either as a project I bring to you or you working tandem with me?

I am sure I can do the work. I am sure I have the tools. I know I don't have the time

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to talk to me about it? If so, PM me a number to connect. I've spent the last 6 years doing motorcycle resorations and now to to focus on my jeep.