Insurance options for Scramblers? Hagerty said "No"....


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I am trying to lower my insurance costs. Since I don't put many mile on my Scrambler each year I tried to get a classic car policy from Hagerty. I also have a couple of older Firebirds that I am getting similar policies for. Hagerty denied coverage on the Scrambler when they saw pictures that included my Lift and Winch. Does anyone know of a specialty provider that will take a modified scrambler and a couple of '70s Firebirds? I have been paying way too much for these vehicles for the past 5 years.


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Have you tried Eastwood? I have mine through Allstate. I have liability, collision and comprehensive. My agent indicated that I would be covered for juist about anything. I don't know the exact annual cost though.


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I'd have to ask my dad who it is that he's got for his 84 Monte Carlo SS. I do know that it is incredibily cheap, though.


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There's another way to cut the cost. Just let me have one of those Firebirds. I'm glad to help out.:D


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USAA insures mine (liability only, by my choice), and they also offer collector car insurance (reduced rates for better coverage due to limited use).. I haven't investigated their offer though..

only does you any good if you're USAA eligible..


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Classic car insurance

I tried to get insurance with Nationwide on the jeep I am picking up tomorrow. They said/suggested that I have to get appraisals on both and have them insured at full value of the appraisal under a classic car policy for less.
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you can try Grundy, they are the other bog classic car insurer but I just have mine on my regular poliy through USAA and it's like $125/6mos for liability only. Cheaper and without restrictions than what I had found previously


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insurance on cj8 scramber

hello strange that hagerty would turn you down,,,,, I have my scrambler insurance with them under classic auto type auto-modified ,,,,, costs me 399.00 a year and the policy is a guaranteed value of $20,000 it is a bodily injury of $100,000/$300,000 property damage of $100,000 per accident medical pay of $1,000 per person/per acc uninisure motorisists again at 100,000/300,000 also gives me flatbed towing first 10miles $50.00 of roadside service like fuel deliver batt jumpls lockout service etc covers unlimited number of service request of the jeep and that price includes the membership of $24.00 per year,,,,,when i went looking i had to have the guaranteed value,,,, and i could not get that on this old of jeep at any other reg company,,,,, i went to our reg car company that we have the house and other car and motorhome with,,, allstate and they would not cover it either but they also delt with hagerty and called them for me,,,,,, like you i had to give them photos of the jeep and when i sent the photos in,,,, they are the ones that set the value for me at $20,000.......i would think you said something to scare them,,,,, dont say you take it off road or anything like that,,,,,, I use my jeep for a fun thing at state parks and tow it behind the motorhome,,,,, i wanted a policy that would pay no matter what happed to the jeep,,,, it is covered in the gargage in case of fire,,, if it would be hit while behind the motorhome or if it is stolen,,,,,i am very happed with the policy,,,,, but of course have not had to use it with them.......hope this helps


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i would think you said something to scare them,,,,, dont say you take it off road or anything like that,,,,,, I use my jeep for a fun thing at state parks and tow it behind the motorhome,,,,, i wanted a policy that would pay no matter what happed to the jeep
Then you don't have insurance.

I say this on every insurance thread. You CAN NOT just decide not to say "something to scare them", like how you take it offroad, to get them to cover you and then expect them to pay when they see what they were actually insuring.


These insurance companies have ARMIES of lawyers looking to screw you JUST LIKE THIS. I guarantee that if you read all the fine print on a policy like this there's a clause that states that the coverage is contingent on you having given a fair representation of the vehicle and any modifications or something like that. And that's IF it doesn't explicitly discount any vehicle used for transportation outside of shows, or any vehicle used offroad, etc.

And the other thing is that people think if they get the policy just to cover while they're driving on-road, it will be ok if they have a wreck on the street because they weren't off-road when it happened. They can refuse the whole thing based on their perception of what your vehicle is. It has NOTHING to do with what you think/say. They will make you get a lawyer to try to prove them wrong and again, they have ARMIES of lawyers to fight you on it.

Can anyone with a lifted Jeep with a collector/classic policy tell me that they sent pictures of their rig in or got a policy written at a local office? Sounds like Tom is the first person that I've heard show Hagerty (they are often mentioned) pictures and look what happened. If someone else can say otherwise then I might believe it, but I have a feeling there's a ton of Scrambler (and many other Jeep/old truck folks) out there driving around having gotten a stated-value policy over the phone on a "198x Jeep Scrambler" that the insurance co is thinking is a stock vehicle with some aftermarket chrome bits. Then, when they see that it's actually SOA with a 401 and roll cage, they'll bolt faster than a vegetarian at a pig pickin.

Just because they write the policy DOES NOT mean that you'll get that coverage regardless of what you did or did not say. Again, look for that fine print about the disallowed uses of the vehicle or that there was an accurate representation of it when you signed on.

I HATE to think that someone will try to not say "something to scare them" and then find themselves left holding the bag when they're refused coverage when they have to have it.

I'd love to be wrong here and I'm happy to play the bad guy (again) but if it helps someone down the line, it's worth it. Remember, insurance companies don't want to pay up, they look for anything they can to get out of it and I just don't want to see it happen to anyone here.


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I think Haggery is a good company (my home town :) ) but I would agree with BW there is probably someing in the boiler plate that states "use on public highway, roads" or something like that. He didnt build a beautiful new building on the Boardman river by falling of the cherry wagon yesterday.....


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I have 4 vehicles with Hagerty... 2 of them are modified auto's like was mentioned above, one is classic, and one has not collision on it, but just insurance because it is being restored... so they will do it, unless your rig is so far from stock that it is just more of a true off roader...they won't cover any damage that occurs off road... it is just the way they are.