Is your Scrambler happy?


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Sitting here at work and looking at the forecast to decide when I could safely drive the Scrambler to work again and it dawned on me. I think my Scrambler is the happiest it's been in a long time. Since the two Tugs are still taking up space in my garage, I've had the Scrambler on the driveway for the last two weeks. At my wife's insistance, :D I took Saturday off to go wheelin at the closest legal park (80 acres, 175 miles away :( ). While there, I convinced my youngest to do a very steep hill climb for a video crew, tested the roll cage up against a tree (scratches only), put some serious mud on the tires, and scratched the corner panel a couple of times. So Sunday, I unloaded it onto the driveway and piddled with a few things on it before tucking it under the cover for a short well deserved rest. Just thinking about the Scrambler sitting there covered, with some nice cracking mud, and a few trail honor badges, it must be very happy. :)


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Mine found out that higher octane gas takes care of my pinging issue and is running great. Drove it to work a couple times last week and it will likely come again this week. It's still muddy from Uwharrie because I'm slack on washing vehicles nowadays.

It's definitely happy right now. :thumbsup:


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Mine isn't too happy right now as I have gutted all the drivetrain right pulled the valve cover off. I am getting ready though to put a rebuilt Dana 300 w/4:1 gears and a t-18 tranny in plus a new aluminum valve cover. In the meantime, I am cleaning all the years of sludge underneath.....But, I am making progress.........


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My driver is good and bad and good.

...The salt is off the roads so it can come out to play (good)!

...Except I hit a hard shift on the way to work and demolished my 176 last Wednesday (Bad) I then put in a new to it 176 (good) on Good Friday.

This is pretty much the cycle my Jeeps live in :thumbsup:


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Mine's not happy right now...

Its under a foot of snow with a tarp on it!

This is crap! After Easter, there should be NO SNOW and I should be able to drive it again!! Heck, I should be able to have the top off on good days by now.


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Mine is pretty happy right now. Not adding 80 miles a day like I did for 20+ months and just using it when I want on weekends and an occasional trip to work.

The new B&M shifter made it feel like a new vehicle. As soon as our uncle in D.C. gives me my money back that I over paid it is getting some new shoes, I mean tires. Gotta have those for Windrock. :)


Happy ??:rolleyes: Oh jeez.....mine is fuming mad at me for not showing her ANY attention for quite a spell. Got her all excited some years ago with lots of new goodies and engine....just to get distracted with other car projects.:confused: Go figure.
Jealous you got to scratch yours into shape !:bow:
I guess mine's pretty happy. All the rust is making it pretty ugly, but it's getting more trail time than it has in years. I do need to swap out the transfer case, but I haven't had the chance. Our competition is in less than two weeks, and new case or not, we're going in! :)

I'm a little confused, I see a couple mentions of weather interfering with Jeep time. Are some Jeeps really afraid of bad weather? Wife, kids, new house and no money - these things keep me from my CJ. But bad weather? That's my favorite time to drive it. There's nothing better than a bikini top and no doors in a monsoon. :D


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A the spa

Mine is getting a new make over, so it must be happy. After two years of looking at three different shades of red from different parts getting repaired, or added, I took it in last week and should be getting it back this week with a new coat of RED paint that will make my Jeeper happy, pretty and for the time being nice. The hard part, I had to go thru one of the nicest weekends we have had out here in SoCal in a long time without my Jeep to go play in.

Look for pics soon!



I drive the right side.
Mine is getting very least I am...:D
Finally getting the one tons underneath it. Will be ordering the Atlas and putting it all together for the first time. I hope to have it running by fall and ready for paint.
It has been a long time collecting parts.
I am taking photos and will be posting them when I can. We are back off grid and only have computer usage in town. Makes for long "just checking the mail hun" trips.;)
It has been warm and sunny here, and the snow has been melting fast.


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Im thinking mine is still upset with me. After dropping it on my middle finger last week at trapping it between the leaf spring and shackle for about four minutes while my son helped me get it out. Today I was bleeding out the brakes and when I got done I told the wife to hold the pedal down while I pulled on the tire. Well with slick hands and then the sudden slip, folding the finger nail back on that finger which lead to some pretty foul words coming from my mouth:mad: My steering parts should be here this week then all I lack is the rear drive shaft and some shocks!!!


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I think mines happy it is def getting out later this weak. can't wait... oh yeah and topless
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No, Daisy is pretty PO'd at me right now.:mad: She's been parked in the shop topless :eek: for the last two weeks and I've been cutting rust out of her.

But, a new HEI and MC2100 showed up today:D so maybe she will forgive me. Although, a new plasma cutter is coming to help with the rust so she might really be pissed then.

However, with the new body armor the plasma will help create she might forgive me. Also she has a new Dana 44 rearend coming so I'm sure she'll be pround of that.:smokin:

All in all I'm happy with her, but who really knows if a woman is happy with them?:confused:


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Mine's probably not that happy... she's been sitting in the back yard, with no trans, no transfer case, a blown 350, and 2wd Cherokee axles mounted spring over with some tiny 31" tires. I keep telling her I'm getting parts together, but I think she knows I'm working on the Jeepster, and the 53, and the Waggy before her. But...I am getting parts together, and getting my other "donors" out of the way. I was given a 69 GMC 3/4 ton, it's donating a D60 rear and a rebuilt TH400, and a running 350. The Trooper gave up a 4.56 rear end...the Bronco a 9" rear when it's finally her turn I'll have plenty of options. I do climb up and sit in the drivers seat from time to, do I miss driving her!:(


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:o Mine is mad as hell at me for buying a YJ & driving it everyday :(

It'll be even madder Saturday when I take the half doors & put them on the YJ & take the hardtop off :D

I have some serious reconcilliating to do, hopefully I'll do enough & it will forgive me by allowing me to get it ready for Oak Ridge :bow: 8

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i think mine is unhappy with me.

i promised it two years ago that it would be all rust free and sealed up within a few months...along with new suspension, new wiring, new doors and new paint.

then the kids, the new house and the new bills happened.

sadly all i've managed to do is put in the blazer blower motor in and change the heater core.

:(:( :(


Mine's probably a little peeved, but not truly angry. I don't know if he's forgiven me for bobbing the tub a few inches aft of the doors a few years ago, but I have DMCJeep's old rotted tub sitting on the patio (much to the wife's continued chagrin) awaiting some reconstructive surgery. A much-needed facelift after the IL DOT (IlDiOTs!) chewed away at it with their copious salt treatment.
Tonight I swap the BBD out to the wife's '7 (the Weber needs a rebuild... WTH, it's only 10 years old!) and swap the MC2100 on. I'd do it the other way round (swap the 2100 into the wife's '7) but I already have the throttle and choke cables mounted in my Scrambler waiting for the MC. Maybe that'll make him a LITTLE happier. I hope he enjoys the new fuel and temp gauges, fuel sender, and taking the bulb filters off the speedo lights... I know I do! :p


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I'd say mine is modertely happy with thangs. It now lives in sunny AZ having arrived from Indiana late last summer. I'm sure it has appreciated the mild winter here. Slowly improving it since it arrive, it is now in much better shape than when it arrived. It has a place of honor in my 3-car garage, out of the elements. It gets to go for a drive at least once a week.

Modertely happy because I have pulled the hard top off, flipped down the windshield, pulled out the dash and reworking the wiring and some of the heat/vent controlls. I'm hoping to have that back together again before Saturday so I can take it out for my first trail run with it.

It is like a dependant child, constantly being taken care of. Looking back since mid September when she arrived, the following has been done:
New radiator and therostat
New water high flow water pump
new raditor and heater hoses
newer (still used) tires
Install Howell TBI
installed lock for hood
new radiator overflow bottle
new front turn signal lamp assemblies
new to the Jeep swing out tire carrier
new Tuffy center console
new Tuffy glove box
new ignition switch
new headlight switch
new rear view mirror
new custom exhaust system including cat and muffler
TJ style mirror replacing the old rusted chrome ones
Used set of half hard doors with new door strikers
Installed ignition cut-out switch
new oil pressure gauge sender unit
new high voltage ignition coil and bigger distributor cap
welded extra support on rear of rusty frame
Tach - removed old voltage diferental circuit and built more accurate electronic circuit use the same tach meter movement
new bikini top

Things purchased but not installed yet:
tow hooks
radiator shroud
designed, prototyped but still working on packaging of distributor kill circuit with built in alarm flashing and capactive touch activation

Sure helps to have my Fridays off so I can work on all of this.


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well, I have to believe both of mine are happy. One is in the shop getting a new paint job (although maybe a little irritated by all the sanding). And the other one is in the garage, topless, and getting all the drive time and attention. It also should be happy that I removed the for sale sign I had posted in the window. Every time I took it out, someone would call about it - window shopping - ask all kinds of questions, tell me how great/neat it looked, and then say "well, I'm not really sure how serious I am about getting a jeep, but thought you had a really cool jeep there and just wanted to know more about it". Of course, I'm not even going to consider selling one until the other is finished...........if then.;)
Our Copper Cohiba should be happy...

...cause I brought it out of the garage after a couple of months of inactivity.

We recently upgraded from a 1/2 ton pickup to a 3/4 ton, & so the purchase of one, & the private sale of the other, took my mind away from the Scramblers.

Last week really only started on Thursday, with a run into the garage to bring out Copper. It was sooooo happy, it started right up on the first flick of the ignition, and literally purred to a steady idle. I promised that as soon as I can assemble a small army of 4 to remove the full hardtop, it would be topless, and I'm sure that raised a smile under her hood.

On the other hand, our black beast, 'Mickey', has been lonely, languishing on our property on the island, hiding from the winter rains under a tarp. Have decided keep 'him' as is, as DirtyJeep suggested ["wheel it 'til it breaks" IIRC]. He'll need a few cosmetic upgrades to make him acceptable for the local, solitary, county Mountie [literally], like a new windshield.

We'll use him & his winch as our island work horse, & there will be the odd hill climb for him to 'stretch his legs', and make use of his 33" shoes. The winter rain has left quite a marshy mess at the bottom of the property, & I'm sure Mickey has been peeking out from under the tarp every time the wind lifted it, praying to be let loose in the mud. :evil:

But there is so much water under that mud, the poor thing would be up to it's eye balls in water!! Oh, to be young again. NOT!!

(on second thought, :shrug:, never say never.....)