Jeep stalling out


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Driving down the road I noticed that my tack fell to zero and then returned back to normal RPM. It did it a couple times in rapid session. Then as I slowed to make a turn into the driveway the engine died. It has done it for about a week now. It did it while waiting at a traffic light but since the RPM's were low the engine died. It seems to do this when the Jeep's been at operating temperature for a while verses doing it at cold start up.

I've done the following so far but has not helped:
1. Cleaned the connector to the TBI position sensor. I have a Howell TBI. I checked the position sensors operation with an ohm meter and it operators normal from 240 ohms at idle to 500 ohms at wide open. It was smooth in operation, no jumps in the resistance as we slowly moved through the pots range.
2. Removed and cleaned the idle position motor. It's piston end that goes into the TBI housing was dirty, so I cleaned it with a wire brush and carb cleaner. I reinstalled it and cleaned it's connectors.
3. Cleaned the rest of the Howell harness connectors.
4. Checked the vacuum lines making sure no leaks, every thing in place, and tight.
5. Replaced the DuraSpark module with a known good one.

What should I check next???


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Virginia Beach
I had a similar issue with my Scrambler and changed the fuel filter. Fixed it right up, turns out it was just clogged. Good luck.