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Jeep to China?


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Chrysler as early as June 2011 had said it was considering adding Jeep production in China

I suppose the truth is that the headline is both right and wrong. I lost a little interest when Jeep went to Chrysler, a lot of interest when it went to Fiat, and will likely disregard them completely if they move production out of the U.S.A.

...unless, of course, Jeep jumps on the small cylinder, high torque diesel bandwagon before Ford or GM. I do have priorities.


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This is a Joke! how many companies are going to outsource more and more work! This is just another way to save a buck! I laugh when you hear someone talking about not buying a foreign car and buying an american car. Support america and buy american made products! Which I believe in (if its true. that is your buying american!) When truly your only buying a car that is assembled here in the usa and stamped with a "made in the usa." its sad! I used to work in an injection molding factory. We made all kinds of parts: master cylinder tanks, computer boards, dish washer valves, clothes washer valves, welding rod boxes, tazer gun housings... All american made companies. We went from three well oiled/ running shifts (24h/7d/356d.y.) down too 1.5/2 shifts with a skeleton crew and as needed when orders came in (we turned into the demand factory. so that when the overseas companies got backed up... we got the overflow to help catch them back up). And its not because of the ecomony. it all had to do with the bottom line and cutting cost. Which makes me laugh that it was cheaper to: copy our process, make new molds, buy new machines, send our plant personel out of country (to train the nfg's), make a new shop, hire new employee's (with no rights or bennies), manufacture the new parts, and then box and ship thoses parts over seas back to the usa. which resulted in loss of jobs. and another small notch in the fall of america. And this was not a shop that you hear of guys sweeping the floor making $100,000 a year... this was a small factory. The auto industry should be looked at as an ecosystem. In such that if all the small mosquito (small factories) die off, then the what evers sitting at the top of the food chain will not survive! and thats what happening here in the usa! So what do we do our federal goverment bails them out! and they still outsource jobs!

p.s.- this might need to be moved to the rambling section of this forum! lol.
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GM already has 11 plants up and running in china. They are actually producing Cadilacs there. GM had to buy in, IE pay the Chinese Govt, and the cost was 1 Bil. Plus certain concessions were made to the chinese including the fact that all R&D for GM will be done in China. This was all paid for with Bailout Funds, and in case you haven't heard they aren't paying it back to the tune of about 35 Billion. GM in the US is now 65% owned by the UAW also. You can find out about this on Youtube!

I puked!

This is what happens when you elect Democrats and let them have complete control. You'll just love Obamacare. It is going to cost me about $1000/ month just for me and my wife!

Anyone who votes to re elect this president is a FOOL. And I EXPECT everyone here to agree with me! Jeeps and Obama don't go togetherat all !



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I'll delete this thread if it turns any more political, too many other places to yammer on about politics, not here.

Moving to the proper forum.

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There is one way to stop all the outsourcing.

Consumers need to demand to know where everything they buy was made and refuse to buy anything made outside the U.S., or in a particular country other than the U.S. The corporations that outsource are no more guilty than the consumers. Everytime you go to walmart or make a decision to purchase based on cost you are doing the same thing that large manufacturers do.

I do agree with 7Jeeps, I don't see how it is cheaper to start an entirely new production facility in a foreign country. Except that companies like GM and other manufacturers are trying to localize their production in the fastest growing market, not the U.S.....but Asia.