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That's why I suggested the 4.8 or 5.3. I said from the start that particular 350 was not the best choice for a jeep. It's a higher reving motor that trades off lower end torque for higher end horsepower. I simply mentioned that with that cam a bit more compression could have been added without any real penalties. I agree that many people get carried away with trying to get as much compression as possible and it is not the answer. Many claim you can run up to 10.5:1 with iron heads and 11.5:1 with aluminum heads. I disagree with this for the reasons you stated. However 9.7:1 to 10:1 with iron heads I really don't consider to be pushing it. Anything less than that is just leaving power on table. I'm sure you can agree that the best setups don't require a big cam to make power, but rather a well matched excellent set of heads/ intake. I always tell people to just save up their money and buy the best heads they can. My personal favorites are AFR and Trick Flow. Relying on good flowing heads that make power "under the curve" with a small ish cam is the way to go on the street. Good drivability, better milage, more vacuum for the brakes, and just more responsive. It's just more fun. The numbers won't necessarily show on the Dyno. But it is felt behind the wheel. Fun discussion, but we're getting a bit off topic. As I said, I recommend a 4.8 or a 5.3 in the LS world or an 87 up Chevy 350 in the sbc world. The LS may be a little more work and a little more expensive but way more rewarding in my opinion. Getting a rebuilt 258 or a 4.0L would be easier. But neither get great mpgs or make good power. They certainly move Jeeps just fine, but if you want a little more power just get a small V8 as mentioned.