Looking for a 21-23 gallon diesel Tank for 1981 CJ 8 Scrambler(have done a diesel swap


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My understanding is that diesel will flake off some tank coatings on steel tanks designed for gasoline...but I have no proof of that other than hearsay.

Why not just use a poly CJ7 tank and retrofit a Diesel filler neck? The R2.8 shouldn't necessitate any more flow than the thirsty AMC V's, so the pickup for said tank should work fine.
I Called Morris 4x4 and Carid , who build these Plastic and steel tanks, what they have listed saying it would work in CJ 8 is not correct , went round and round, or I wait for Axios industies to build a tank for a CJ they are building for a Client with the R2.8 L


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A stock CJ8 tank is the same as a CJ7 tank, the filler hose is different but the actual tank is the same.
Seems they sold the tank to CJ 8 owner and has a size issue, also , Talking with Kevin and Chris at Axios Industries which are doing a frame up and engine swap to R 2.8 L cummins- they are doing all modifications for CJ 8 owners doing the swap to R2.8 l Cummins and Advanced Adapters . This owner bought a Plastic Tank from Morris or online parts was told it would fit and it does not. so Axios Industries is building a new Tank to fit his CJ 8. I dicided to look around but might end up going back to Axios for the tank, I can have a Welder in Reno build for 1,000.00 or Axios is 1200.00